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Drip Bags - Subscription

Drip Bags - Subscription

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A package of 6 drip bags. 

Fast and easy drip bags for your busy mornings or breaks during work.

The drip bags are individually packaged to keep their best aroma and taste until use.

 Choose your favorite  blend or mixed pack.

- MAILBOX  : 6 bags of Mailbox

- PNW : 6 bags of PNW

6 bags of HOISS

6 bags of CHARI

- Mixed - C 
              2 bags of Mailbox
              2 bags of PNW
              2 bags of Chari
- Mixed - H
              2 bags of Mailbox
              2 bags of PNW
              2 bags of Hoiss

- Decaf : 6 bags of Decaf

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